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Welcome to the Accessible Bakeshop, a blog about wheelchair-accessible bakeries, cafés, and the like.  My name is Val, I use a wheelchair, and I’m currently getting my Masters in Medieval History (the coolest subject ever) at the University of Cambridge.  I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and have been surrounded by amazing desserts all my life, from the bakeries and coffee shops of NYC to the borderline addictive sweets my mom has baked (and continues to bake while I watch and learn).  My friends have listened to my rambles about where to find the best hot chocolate, best pie, best anything really, and most conversations usually end with me saying, “I’ll write you a list.”  Those lists turn into rambles, and eventually it just made more sense to put everything on a blog.  Expect pictures, rambles, and some recipes from cookbooks and other sources I trust.

Take a look around, and if you like what you read, don’t forget to follow or subscribe!

Hope to give you some excellent recommendations for your time in Cambridge, NYC, and elsewhere!



One thought on “About

  1. hi there, you don’t happen to know of a fellow wheelchair user around Bay Ridge, an extremely handsome Italian man, who–when we met upstate summer of ’88–seemed to be recovering from a hip injury, alternating between manual chair and forearm crutches. he was in his early 20’s at the time, so factor in some age progression; but, those good looks were timeless, and his father (whom he strongly resembled) was also quite handsome, so I doubt time has diminished his attractiveness… I’ve never forgotten him, perhaps because when I reached dating age the options were not nearly as enticing physically or compelling overall…
    Do keep your eyes peeled around town if just for a fun distraction from your doctoral studies! I, too, attended grad school in a wheelchair (TiLite Zra, for spinal injuries, Lyme meningitis, now chronic viral encephalomyelitis plus an autoimmune triggered neuromuscular disease (affecting everything up through breathing and swallowing) that now has me in bed 24/7 until I can either get the autonomic dysfunction under control–I lose consciousness whenever upright–or a reclining Permobil Corpus 3G that can accommodate my oxygen, BiPAP, oximeter, etc. when I’m over the chronic fevers/sweats/etc. and can rejoin the [accessible] land of the living and find some “pudding-thick” eats in my birthplace of Bay Ridge, which is incidentally how I happened upon your blog 🙂
    Tanti auguri!


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